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Home At Last- Trio

I'm so excited to announce that I am certified to help buyers with the new buyers program from Home At Last...Trio!

Trio is a lease-to-own program that provides an affordable, secure path to homeownership when traditional mortgage financing is not attainable.

It's a wonderful option for those with a non- traditional income, recent college graduates, and renters wishing to become homeowners.

Trio’s lease (traditionally 3 years) provides a long-term solution for potential homeowners allowing them to choose and live in the home of their choice, while building for its purchase in the future. Everything Trio provides preserves affordability for the customer and assists them in their dream toward homeownership. Throughout the lease, Trio provides financial coaching to ensure current customers become mortgage ready and achieve homeownership. At the end of the lease when a customer is ready to purchase the home, Trio will gift the earned equity in the home to be used toward the down payment. And although the home may have appreciated in value, Trio’s home price is locked in at 1% over cost of the lease.


Trio wants to help everyone become homeowners!
We do that by offering a new financing option designed for today’s modern economy.

  • Free application
  • No down payment required
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Financial coaching and homeownership tools provided
  • Earn equity during the lease
  • Purchase at any time
  • Lock in purchase price for 5 years

For more information just enter your contact info and we will reach out OR feel free to contact me directly at (775) 209-3097