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  • Good news: This Pahrump elementary has supplies covered for its students

Good news: This Pahrump elementary has supplies covered for its students

Good news: This Pahrump elementary has supplies covered for its students

By Jimmy Romo Pahrump Valley TimesJuly 21, 2022 – 3:19 pm 

Faculty and parents of Hafen Elementary students are thrilled to hear that kids won’t be required to bring in supplies this year. The Pahrump school has already collected enough for all students.

Red Rover Fitness held an obstacle course fun-run, with roughly 13 obstacles for Hafen Elementary School students in April, which ended a two-week fundraising event. The fundraiser collected a total of $1,300 from parents and companies.

“I’m thrilled, happy and really impressed,” said Hafen Elementary School Principal Dubb Mapp.

The school has a high number of students living in poverty, so Mapp said it was “awesome to see parents trying to do the best they can by supporting their kiddos while donating to the fundraiser.”

With the money raised, Mapp and the school secretary reasoned that if parents and students could worry about one less expense, it would be ideal. So a portion of the donated funds helped to cover supplies for this year’s incoming students.

“School’s hard enough, in order to educate students, their basic needs have to be covered,” Mapp said. “If they don’t have something, they feel insecure and their minds aren’t thinking about two plus two, they’re thinking, ‘I don’t have what my neighbor has’.”

Mapp just wants his students to come to school next month ready to learn and he believes that this is one way to help.

“Thanks to the generosity of many great parents, the school has been provided with all needed supplies,” the school secretary posted in Hafen Elementary’s Facebook post on July 18.

Some money still remains from the fundraiser and Mapp is planning to set up an online survey for Hafen parents and the school’s Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) to see how best to spend it.

For parents whose students don’t attend Hafen and need help with supplies, NyE Communities Coalition will be holding its annual Back-to-School Fair from 8 to 10 a.m., Saturday, July 30 at Pahrump Valley School, 501 E. Calvada Blvd.

There will be vendors, backpacks and school supplies for students, and an opportunity for vaccinations and sports physicals.

For donations and vendor information contact Jennifer Nelson at 775-727-9970 ext. 217 or for general information call the coalition at 775-727-9970.

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