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‘Come for the Balloon and Stay for Everything’

‘Come for the Balloon and Stay for Everything’

Horace Langford Jr / Pahrump Valley Times The 9th Annual Pahrump Balloon Festival takes place ...Horace Langford Jr / Pahrump Valley Times The 9th Annual Pahrump Balloon Festival takes place next month, Nov. 11-13. This file photo shows hot air balloons drifting skyward at a previous festival.Horace Langford Jr./Pahrump Valley Times The Pahrump Balloon Festival is always a big draw fo ...Horace Langford Jr./Pahrump Valley Times The Pahrump Balloon Festival is always a big draw for locals and tourists alike, bringing out crowds to watch the early morning flights and revel in the activities afterward.

By Robin Hebrock Pahrump Valley TimesOctober 25, 2022 – 8:46 am

Next month, the skies of Pahrump are set to see splashes of bright and colorful design as more than a dozen hot air balloons take to the air throughout a three-day event that is sure to please.

The 9th Annual Pahrump Balloon Festival will take place Nov. 11-13 at Petrack Park and event organizers are preparing to welcome the thousands of attendees expected to make their way to the park that weekend. And while balloons may be the center of attention, there will be plenty of other elements to attract patrons, from food, beverage and merchandise vendors to family-friendly games, music, karaoke, classic cars and more, along with a very special service dedicated to honoring America’s former military service members.

“Doug and I immediately agreed to a collective partnership to continue what had been created,” Dubin explained, adding, “The motto of this year’s event is ‘Come for the Balloons and Stay for Everything!’”

All of the fun and excitement will start on Friday, Nov. 11, which happens to also be Veterans Day. Dubin and Campbell had selected this particular weekend for the event in part because of the holiday and they have organized a ceremony to kick off the festival.

“On Nov. 11, Veterans Day, all vets, families and friends as well as the community, are invited to the Sunrise Service at the soccer field on the north end of Petrack Park,” Dubin detailed. “Doug from Balloons Over Pahrump has indicated that the American flag will be flown from above as as the VFW Riders introduce the colors on the ground, and a veteran will be singing the national anthem for all to enjoy.”

The Sunrise Service will begin around 6 a.m. and the event will roll right into the balloon launches, with Dubin noting that balloon crews will be out first thing each morning between 6 and 7 a.m. to prep for launch.

“Everyone will be awed by the beauty of the colors and the pageantry of more than 16 different designs. Balloons that have never flown in Pahrump, or even Nevada, will paint the sky beginning at the park and flying wherever the wind will take them,” Dubin enthused.

Following the spectacle of balloon flight, the vendor booths will open at 9 a.m. each morning of the festival, providing attendees will an abundance of items to admire and browse. As Dubin remarked, “Vendors from around the country are bringing gifts to fill every holiday request, from handmade hair clips to color and pleasing sights and sounds of wind chimes and everything in between.”

Those making their way to the festival should come hungry too, Dubin encouraged, as there will be an array of delicious delights to tantalize the palate. “Food vendors are bringing mouthwatering items such as Asian, Hawaiian, Mexican and BBQ from every part of North America. And don’t forget the desserts! Ice cream, pastries, and how about Hawaiian cones? Yummy! Of course, there will be lots to drink too, from water to wine,” he said.

As for entertainment, Dubin and Campbell have arranged a line-up of various acts, including music from DJ Soundz, live entertainment by Scotty Dub as well as The Naturals, a special presentation by Airomee which is a must-see for all ages, a karaoke contest with Gladys Martin the night of Saturday, Nov. 12 and Games with Deanna, which are fun for the whole family.

“Do you enjoy horseshoes or cornhole? Come out and watch the pros or jump right in to have some fun and win some prizes in the tournaments on Saturday and Sunday,” Dubin added. “And everyone enjoys the cars; we have the cars on Friday night with Justin Sumner and Saturday Rose will be bringing the car show after the balloons take off.”

Tethered balloon rides will be offered on a first-come-first-fly basis throughout all three days. Those who wish to get a bit more of the experience of soaring through the sky can also purchase balloon flights, which were still available as of press time. “If you and your friends want to enjoy the serenity of a balloon flight call 702-300-4008 and ask for Doug with Balloons Over Pahrump,” Dubin said. “For any additional questions, call 775-537-5515 seven days a week.”

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